Tagg Romney Apologized for Wanting to Punch Obama

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Tagg Romney famously wanted to take a swing at Obama after the last debate. After last night's much more polite affair, Tagg apologized for wanting to punch the President of the United States square in the face. 

Some eagle-eyed Reuters photographers caught the President whispering into Tagg's ear on stage last night (above and below), which led to some serious speculation of either an apology, or an invitation the White House's Sunday night fight club. (OK, not really, but you know Joe Biden would be the reigning champ.) ABC's Jake Tapper confirms Tagg apologized for his unpleasant urges, and the President graciously accepted. The best part, really, is the look Michelle's giving Tagg in the picture above. "Like, really? You think you can beat up my husband? Fat chance." Michelle is the greatest.

Here's a better angle of the President whispering with Tagg: 

At least the President looks amused. We have no doubt he can scrap. He's known to be a real bruiser

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