Snoop Dogg Didn't Write That List of Reasons He Won't Vote for Romney

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Last night Snoop Dogg, through Instagram, posted some profanity-laced reasons why he isn't voting for Mitt Romney. The only problem is, that while it's a brilliantly lowbrow list, he didn't write it. Dogg's list, which appeared on his official account, is actually an Instagrammed version of an original list from a Twitter user named @DragonflyJonez who first posted the "reasons" on October 3: 

So, yeah, Snoop gave the list the equivalent of shout out or in other social media terms, a golden RT. D'Brickashaw/DFJZ/@DragonflyJonez, is actually somewhat of a Twitter celebrity (12,000+ followers) and often weighs in on sports but even D'Brickashaw knows that having someone as high-profile as Snoop endorsing his list (which he made on October 3) has given it the wings it needed to reach the next stratosphere of Internet fame: 

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