Sheldon Adelson and His Super Friends Come to the Rescue

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In order to make sure the Romney campaign could aggressively go after your abused attention span during the last month of the election, Sheldon Adelson led a pack of millionaire super friends to donate a record amount of money to Romney's super PAC in the first three weeks of October. 

According to disclosures filed to the Federal Elections Committee today, Adelson and his wife have already donated $10 million to Restore Our Future this month. This is the same man who once pledged to donate $100 million to Republican efforts in the election.

Restore Our Future are having their best month of the campaign so far as a result of Adelson's generosity. They raised $20 million before October 17, the fastest they've reached that number in a single month yet.

Adelson's generosity helped the super PAC execute their aggressive nine state ad buy, and determines where stands with the great Romney support-off between Restore Our Future, Karl Rove, and the Kochs. His line in the sand has been drawn. 

Other notable super friends who donated $1 million to Restore Our Future this month: 

  • Jerry Perenchio, the former chairman of Univision
  • Julian Robertson, the financier
  • Edward St. John, the real estate developer

Kenneth Griffin, a Chicago hedge fund guy, only donated $500,000 and that makes him a measly good friend. No super for you, Kenneth. 

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