Scott Brown Says He Doesn't Care if GOP Controls the Senate

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Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown says he doesn't actually care whether Republicans win control of the Senate this year, telling ABC News' Jonathan Karl, "For me it doesn't really matter who's in charge." This reflects the unpopularity of the Republican Party in Massachusetts, where Brown is in a tough race against Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Warren is averaging a 4.7-point lead over Brown, and is leading by 6 points in the most recent poll, though President Obama leads Mitt Romney in the state 56 percent to 36 percent.

But it's also a reminder of how Republicans hopes for capturing a majority in both chambers of Congress has diminished this year, in part because of candidates who are not nearly as strong as Brown. Here are some of the other toss up races:

  • Indiana's Richard Mourdock, whose defeat of Sen. Dick Lugar in the primary turned a safe seat into a competitive one, called a rape pregnancy a "gift from God" Tuesday night. Update: Mitt Romney's campaign has no plans to request Mourdock take down the ad he made with Romney,, CNN's Jim Acosta reports. Some Democrats demanded Romney request it removed.
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill, who would have been one of the easiest Democratic incumbents to defeat, is averaging a 5-point lead over Todd Akin, who made the most famous weird rape comments this year. On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported Akin was arrested at abortion protests in 1985.
  • In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin is averaging a tiny lead over popular former Gov. Tommy Thompson.
  • In Montana, Rep. Denny Rehberg is averaging a 0.3-point lead over Democratic Sen. Jon Tester.
  • Tim Kaine has a 1-point lead over Republican former Sen. George Allen in Virginia.
  • There haven't been a ton of polls in North Dakota, but in that Senate race, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp is surprisingly strong against Republican Rick Berg, who is averaging a 5-point lead.


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