Romney Has $8.5 Million to Spend Every Day for the Rest of the Campaign

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Mitt Romney and allied Republican funds had $169 million cash on hand as of October 17, BuzzFeed's Zeke Miller reports. That means they have 20 days to blow all that money, or $8.5 million a day, and sadly, they won't spend buying presents for you and all your friends. For random pop culture comparison's sake, in Brewster's Millions, Richard Pryor struggled to spend a  $30 million in 30 days. Even adjusting for inflation since 1985, that is a mere $2 million a day. 

Romney's campaign announced Thursday that its election effort raised $112 million in the first half of October alone -- impressive, given that's two-thirds the amount the Romney effort raised in September alone, but not quite as impressive as it sounds, because the Romney campaign itself won't be able to control all of that cash. The Romney "effort" includes the Republican National Committee and their joint-fundraising committee, so while that group began October with $183 million cash on hand, Romney's campaign account had $62 million. The Republican effort had $34 million than Obama and his allied groups, but Obama's campaign account alone had $99 million at the end of September.

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