'Restore Our Future' Makes Its Big Move

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The 'Restore Our Future' super PAC is making sure Romney's face will be all over your television screen (if you live in a battleground state) after Monday's final debate. The New York Times' Jeremy Peters reports the group is making an agressive buy in nine states that will see an noticeable uptick in Romney face time over six days. Starting next Tuesday, the day after the debate, Romney ads will be in heavy rotation in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin, and the not-so-battleground-state Michigan. In total, Restore Our Future is spending $12 million. Peters explains the strategic distribution of wealth over the states:

Restore Our Future has reserved around $1 million in airtime for Iowa and Wisconsin, an amount that ensures its message will be on television in heavy rotation there because of their smaller-sized media markets. It has also committed $2.5 million to Ohio and $2.3 million to Florida.

All Romney, all the time. It's no secret Obama's been outspending Romney on television ads, but it's a safe bet regardless of Romney's debate performance. If he performs well, the ads are a constant reminder of how great Romney is. If he screws up, they act as an insta-bandaid. Romney is undoubtedly having his moment. He's up in the polls. Let's hope Monday isn't gaffe-city. 

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