Replacing Debates with Kittens Would Be 'Just as Informative, and Great for Productivity'

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Today, Elspeth Reeve noted that even the campaigns are treating the upcoming presidential debates as little more than a reality show. Why can't we just watch kittens instead, asks commenter mhwood

Why not replace the whole thing with hilarious kitten antics? Just as informative, and great for productivity. win-win, guys!

We see you read our chart of the day, which graphs the relationship between baby animal pictures and increased worker productivity. While we aren't so sure it's a good idea to replace the Obama and Romney showdown with frolicking kittens, we do hope one of the candidates will propose cute kittens as a way to jumpstart the economy. One of them really ought to run on the platform "a chicken in every pot, and a cat jumping in and out of every box."

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