The Internet Can't Get Enough of Paul Ryan's Curls

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It's been around six hours since Time released the kraken—a gallery of Paul Ryan doing bicep curls in a lonely gym dressed like a mid-90s state school fratboy. And it's taken about half that time for the Internet to turn Ryan into their virtual, photoshoppable Barbie.

There's already a rogue Okcupid profile of Workout Ryan, who "built" his own gunshow. 

Ryan's impressive bicep even has its own Twitter account, just like Angelina Jolie's leg but funnier (sort of?).  Even wonkier, there's a "Cut Carbs and Benefits" tumblr, meme-ifying the now-legendary pictures complete with political jokes:


But the best part, of this meme that keeps on giving is that people sent Ryan back to where he and this photoshoot took place—the 90s. 

Mashable found some guys and gals from 1992 who looked about as tough as Ryan (from L-R that's Nitro, Malibu, Lace, Gold, Gemini and Zap):

After a stint with the Gladiators, Ryan hung out at the Max (via Arthur Delaney):

And then shot some b-ball outside of school (via Rebecca Berg).

But left before two guys who were up to no good started making trouble in the neighborhood.  And was then transported to the late 90s to hang out with his doppelgängers Fred (via @delrayser)

And his other doppelgänger (via Mashable):



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