Our Commenters Can't Be Fooled by That Fake Obama Birth Video

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Vice tried to pull a fast one on the Internet today with their post "Is This Obama's Kenyan Birth Video?" It wasn't, obviously, and Wire commenters pointed out a bunch of dead give-aways.

S. Lass writes

Kenya was not an independent country when Obama was born, (8/61) so the Flag is a fake. The country was under British colonial rule.

Alan Newman noted this historical improbability:\

Super 8 was not an established format in 1961. 8mm (different than Super 8) was a common format, best known used in the 1963 Zapruder film of the JFK Assassination. Super 8 did not start getting popular until the mid-1960s.

And, finally, Chuñdy dropped this bombshell

I did my own HIGH_TECH VIDEO INVESTIGATION and after extensive analysis I found out some SHOCKING evidence that this video was TAMPERED with!

If you freeze the video at exactly this 43 seconds, you can see this image of the doctor's notes. It clearly shows that Obama's real mother is LENA DUNHAM!!! It ALL makes sense now!!!


We haven't been able to fact-check Chuñdy's photo yet, but it looks legit. Anyway, we're sure you astute commenters will help us separate fact from fiction. 

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