Ohio Democrats Target Romney's Michigan Fandom

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The Ohio Democratic Party took out a full page ad in The Lantern, the Ohio State student newspaper, that was simply a picture of the Republicans face with a quote laid over top saying, "I have been a Michigan and a Wolverine fan for a long, long time." 

The quote is an old one. He said it while delivering a health care speech in May of 2011 at the University of Michigan. Romney, in the picture above, campaigned a 2007 Michigan-Michigan State game decked out in Wolverine blue. 

Per Deadspin and Buzzfeed, this is the ad. It comes right before the sports section. 

When you go to the website listed at the bottom, there's a video of an interview Romney gave to an Ohio radio station. The interviewer asked if Romney, a Michigan native, was a Buckeyes fan, and the poor guy answered him honestly: 

Romney should consider himself lucky, though. His Wolverines don't play the Ohio State Buckeyes until after the election. Polls are still close in Ohio, so the Democrats are clearly feeling the heat if this is the level they'll sink to swing voters. It would have said terrible things about his character if he did schtup for the Buckeyes just to get votes. Is nothing in this world sacred?

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