Obama Got Morgan Freeman to Narrate His New Ad

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There might not be a more recognizable voice in America than Morgan Freeman, so the President exercised some common sense and got the famous actor to narrate his new ad. Freeman's voice has become an American institution since he first used his vocal chords to guide us through The Shawshank Redemption. He's moved on to new projects like March of the Penguins and, more recently, Conan the Barbarian (!!?!). His voice will be frozen and given to the smithsonian after his death. He's also a big supporter of the President. So, logic dictates he would be pretty good for a political ad. "Every President inherits challenges," Freeman starts. His voice takes us through a timeline of the President's accomplishments in office. His job here is essentially to answer the "are you better off?" question. The message is, "See, of course We're better off. Morgan Freeman says so." What better authority than Morgan Freeman. The ad is quick and effective, but we have an idea that could make it even better. Let's get Werner Herzog for the sequel. 

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