More People Chose to Watch Sports Instead of Last Night's Debate

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Last night's debate had more competition than any other this election cycle. Placed firmly the middle of a crowded October night of sports, the third and final Presidential debate put up the lowest numbers of the three. Some 59.2 million people tuned in to last night's debate, according to the final Nielsen numbers. That's the lowest-viewed debate of the season, and the sharpest drop from one debate to another, too. The first debate started at a 67 million viewer high. The second dipped down to 65 million. 

This debate had tougher competition, though. It had to contend with a game-seven baseball playoff  game and the always daunting Monday Night Football. That Chicago Bears-Detroit Lions game got 10 million viewers alone, while another 8 million people watched the San Francisco Giants complete their comeback against the St. Louis Cardinals. On a channel by channel basis, the debate actually won out. ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast had the second highest number of viewers on a single channel. Fox News' debate broadcast had the most, with 11 million viewers.

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