More New Yorkers Want Anthony Weiner to Run for Mayor Than Alec Baldwin

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More New York City voters would rather see Eliot Spitzer, driven from the governor's mansion over a prostitution scandal, and, Anthony Weiner, driven from Congress by sending gross pictures on Twitter, enter next year's crowded mayoral race, than see Alec Baldwin, hilarious star of 30 Rock and Words With Friends plane outbursts jump into politics.  

That's according to a new NY1-Marist poll of 742 registered voters. Asked "Do want Alec Baldwin to run for New York City Mayor in 2013, or not?" just 18 percent said yes while 66 percent said no, and 16 percent said they weren't sure. By comparison, 25 percent said Weiner should get in the race while 30 percent like the idea of a Spitzer candidacy. 

There's been a back-and-forth process over the last few years about Baldwin's maybe interest in succeeding Mike Bloomberg as mayor. Perhaps now Baldwin should stick with the instincts he had back in December when he said he had lost his "appetite" for politics

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