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Jon Stewart looked at Monday's foreign policy presidential debate last night on The Daily Show and reached a conclusion: Mitt Romney is leaning toward voting for Barack Obama.

Before the debate, Romney and other Republicans criticized Obama's foreign policy, calling it weaker than any other president. "Weaker than Coolidge in foreign policy!" Stewart said. "Weaker than Polk! Weaker than President Flingchington J. Craphispants. As you know, the only president in United States history to ever have his wallet stolen by a baby."

But once the debate started, Romney seemed to agree with all the President's policies. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria...Romney and Obama essentially said the same thing, even though Romney had been touting different policies up until Monday. Stewart made a surprised face. "I think Romney's leaning Obama," he said. "Apparently Romney is one of this year's coveted swing voters."


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