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Jon Stewart is sick of the campaign. Case in point? The Paul Ryan dish washing scandal, as he explained last night on The Daily Show.

A story came out that Paul Ryan showed up at a homeless shelter in Ohio for a photo op, but the dishes that he was washing were later alleged to already be clean. Stewart was flabbergasted by this. "Do you know how hard it is to make volunteering at a homeless shelter look like a negative thing?" Stewart asked. "And how dead inside does a national presidential campaign make you that you could be handed clean dishes and instead of going 'You know these are clean, right?' you go, 'Where's my scrubby sponge?'"

But the story developed: The dishes were dirty. They'd been specifically set aside so that Ryan could show up and wash them, "so that we, because we're so f**king dumb, believe that he's been caught in the act of volunteering," Stewart said. "Later, food was withheld from nursing home patients so that Ryan could arrive and and reanimate them through the magic of applesauce."

Really, Paul Ryan should be trying harder. "If you're going to try manipulate people's emotions through pre-fabricated scenarios," Stewart said, "put some oomph into it."


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