Jon Stewart Tackles Romney's Real Proposed Policy

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Now that Mitt Romney has an "insurmountable, unblowable lead" in the election, Jon Stewart decided to actually look at what he's been saying about policy last night on The Daily Show.

Romney doesn't like the debt, saying it's not moral. "Not moral!" Stewart said. "For Mitt Romney, this terrible debt is worse than coffee!" Okay, so what is Romney going to cut to lower it? Not social security or Medicaid, the core entitlements. Surely the peripheral entitlements...? Er, no. Romney also wants to keep things like job training programs. "Okay, so hands off Chinese language instruction programs," Stewart said. And of course, Romney wants to increase big defense spending. "Looks like somebody's raising taxes." Nope! Romney has said under his plan, he will lower taxes by 20 percent. 

"We get to keep all our stuff and pay less for it?" Stewart asked in disbelief. "This is like those special potato chips that they made with olestra that had all the flavor but none of the calories, and of course, every now and again there was a hint of anal leakage. But it's fine." 


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