Jon Stewart on How Fox News Spun Biden's Debate Performance

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While liberal pundits reprimanded Barack Obama for his ghost-like debate performance against Mitt Romney a couple weeks ago, Fox News took a different tactic after the VP debate. Jon Stewart examined it last night on The Daily Show

Conservative pundits called Joe Biden rude and condescending, criticized him for laughing too much, claimed moderator Martha Raddatz was biased, suggested he was drunk, and—from Sarah Palin—said he was like "a musk ox running across the tundra."

"A musk ox across the tundra?" Stewart said. "Settle down, Eskimo Annie Oakley. Look, we get it. You live in Alaska. But you live in Alaska in a town with roads and a Walmart and two Starbucks and your own plane and television station in your house. It's not Call of the F**king Wild over there."

Pundits also decided Biden's demeanor was offensive to women, saying it was a huge "turn off," and went as far as to bring in a doctor who said Biden might have dementia. "Yes," Stewart said, "that rare form of dementia where you remember too much."


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