Jon Stewart Diagnoses Fox News' 'Barack-tose Intolerance'

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In an investigation into the "Barack-tose Intolerance" that afflicts Fox News, Jon Stewart examined four years of ridiculous hyperboles last night on The Daily ShowSince Barack Obama entered the national scene in 2008, the conservative news channel has sought to answer just who Obama is. He's a socialist; his presidency will have al-Qaeda dancing in the streets; and, most bizarrely, he will depopulate the countryside and make people ride on bicycles.

But once Obama went into office and, um, cars were still legal, the right had "no time revaluate failed predictions because the bullshit harvest of Obama's presidency would wait for no man," Stewart said. So next came requests for a birth certificate, accusations of indoctrination, and "literally" building a terrorist command center on the site of 9/11. Why would Obama be like that? Maybe because he's "Joseph Stalin without the bloodshed," as Fox News radio said. 

"With all due respect, Joseph Stalin without the bloodshed—really not the same Stalin," Stewart said. "I mean, the bloodshed was his thing. Without that he might as well just be, I don't know, Gary Stalin. He's just like Scooby Doo but he can't talk or solve crimes. Well then he's just a f**king dog with a snack habit!"


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