Joe Wilson Doesn't Like It When You Call People Liars

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Rep. Joe Wilson made a name for himself by calling the President a liar right in the middle of a Congressional address, which we suppose makes him an expert on when it is and isn't appropriate to call someone out on dishonesty. On Megyn Kelly's Fox News show yesterday the South Carolina representative said it was "inexcusable" for top members of the Obama campaign to suggest that Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan had lied during their debates. Also, Democrats are guilty of employing a double standard since they gave him so much grief for doing the same thing.

The key distinction, according to Wilson, is that the remarks by David Alexrod and his staff are "contrived," while his own outburst was a "spontaneous, town hall moment." (Plus, he said he was sorry.) It may have been spontaneous, but we're not sure that it was a "town hall moment," so much as yelling at the President in the middle of his formal address to the entire Legislative Branch on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In either case, very little of the discussion of was about whether anyone—Obama, Romney, Ryan, or Joe Wilson, for that matter—has actually told any lies.

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