Jack Welch Still Pretty Sure the Job Numbers Were Skewed

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Jack Welch is still pretty sure yesterday's job numbers were fudged, but he doesn't have any proof and he can't defend himself otherwise. 

Welch went on the offensive Friday night in the media equivalent of a "defend yourself while no one's looking" late Friday news dump. Welch appeared on MSNBC and CNN last night to defend his jobs numbers conspiracy raising. 

He told MSNBC's Chris Matthews he has "no evidence" of his man-on-the-corner conspiracy shouting, but he at least conceded to CNN's Anderson Cooper that he "should have put a question mark on the end of that, let's face it." But he still stood by his rabble-rousing tweet to both men anyway. Yesterday, Welch told the Wall Street Journal he was "just raising the question" the numbers could be fudged.

Friday was a fun day for the tinfoil hat crowd. Conspiracies flew on both sides of the aisle. Welch and crew cried foul on the job numbers while Democratic truthers investigated handkercheat-gate. Unfortunately, both theories were quickly killed by the end of the day.

Here is Welch's interview with Anderson Cooper:

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