It Would Take 80 Days to Watch All of the Campaign Ads Aired in Ohio Last Month

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With Ohio now the make it or break it state in the presidential race, its citizens are being inundated with propaganda: in fact, Julie Bykowicz of Bloomberg News reports that watching all of the presidential advertisements that aired in Ohio in the past month would take 80 days nonstop. Using information compiled by Kantar Media's CMAG, Bykowicz explains that ads aired 58,235 times between September 24 and October 24. Ads in the state span from the official attacks from candidates to the "off-beat" contributions of outside groups. The inundation of ads underscores just how important the state is. At FiveThirtyEight this week Nate Silver wrote that in their simulations "Ohio has provided the decisive vote in the Electoral College about 50 percent of the time." Currently in the Real Clear Politics average Obama has a small 2.1 point hold on the state

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