House Majority PAC Launches New Ad Blitz

House Majority PAC released seven new television ads on Tuesday, including five in new congressional districts, as the House-focused Democratic super PAC expanded the scope of its advertising.

The group released its first ads in four GOP-held districts: California's 36th District (represented by Rep. Mary Bono Mack), California's 52nd (Rep. Brian Bilbray), New York's 24th (Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle), and Texas's 23rd (Rep. Francisco "Quico" Canseco), plus an ad in a new Democratic seat, Rep. John Barrow's 12th District in Georgia. The PAC also released new spots in two districts where they have previously aired ads: Democratic Rep. Mark Critz's 12th District in Pennsylvania and the member-versus-member 16th District race in Ohio, where Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton faces GOP Rep. Jim Renacci.

Most of the ads hit the Republican candidates on cutting taxes for millionaires; even in some that don't, the word "millionaire" is used prominently and taxes mentioned in some way. Canseco, Renacci, and Critz challenger Keith Rothfus are all described as millionaires looking out for wealthy interests and, in the case of the first two, cutting corners on their own taxes. The anti-Bilbray spot pivots off of previous Democratic ads highlighting his lobbying career to ask, "How much would it cost for Brian Bilbray to listen to you?"

Health care is also a recurring theme in the new ads, with Rep. Paul Ryan's budget and its proposed changes to Medicare featured in several spots. The Wisconsin Republican himself makes an appearance in the anti-Buerkle spot. Her New York district is the most Democratic-leaning of the seven in this ad release, and pictures of Ryan, Mitt Romney, and House Speaker John Boehner pop up next to Buerkle as a narrator says, "In Washington, Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle fades into the crowd and falls in line with their right-wing agenda."

Each ad is running for one week.