Fake Obama Birth Video Shows Fake Ann Dunham Giving Fake Birth to Fake Newborn

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The most amazingly, entertainingly fake video of a fake Barack Obama being born -- featuring a baby that is all cleaned up and  looks about three months old -- to a fake Ann Dunham in a fake Kenyan hospital has been leaked to Vice because, wait for it, the leaker couldn't get in touch with Donald Trump. To give you a sense of how unsubtle the video is, the "doctor" is wearing a Kenyan flag pin on his lab coat, which the camera zooms in on, and the hospital bed has a Kenyan flag sticker, which the camera lingers over, and that sticker is next to what are supposedly Dunham's hospital records, which, you guessed it, have a Kenyan flag on them. The camera pans over a calendar noting it's August 1961. It is so fake it makes you wonder if it was made not by birthers, but by liberals mocking birthers.

Leaker "Peter R." told Vice he was inspired by Trump's offer Wednesday to give $5 million to the charity of Obama's choice if Obama would release his college transcripts and passport records. Peter R. says:

So, the way I see it, that $5 million will go to waste.  Maybe he’s willing to give it to me, to buy the video in its entirety. I’ve been contacting several of Trump’s associates, and I’m about to hopefully meet some of them either in a parking lot, or even in the lobby, and just take cash for it. I sent Trump only a single frame of the video, but since I haven’t heard back I have released this short clip in an attempt to get him to respond.

Peter R. says he got the film from an "associate" in Africa who was a family friend of Barack Obama Sr. This associated "said that he had a VHS transfer of the original Super-8 film" and passed it along.

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