Endorsements Tracker: Washington Post Sticks with Obama, New York Post Backs Romney

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One of the major lessons learned as the newspaper endorsements of the presidential candidates continue to roll in is that editorial boards are not swing voters. The New York Post is backing Mitt Romney, just as it endorsed John McCain and George W. Bush twice, while The Washington Post is backing President Obama again, after endorsing John Kerry and Al Gore. A lot of newspapers, large and small, follow this pattern, but as you can see in our nifty Presidential Endorsements Tracker below, there are a few independents out there.

And with dailies large and small, it's interesting to see which of the campaigns' messages are resonating with editorial boards, so we've put them all together in a handy chart. From left to right, we show the name of the paper, then the endorsee, then the paper's reasoning, and then its endorsement history. You can see that some pro-Romney newspapers back for his experience as a businessman, others for his moderate record in Massachusetts. Some pro-Obama papers extensively detail their disappointment, while others back the president as a huge success.

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