Drudge's Big New Obama Video Is Kind of Old

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Conservative blogger and general muckraker Matt Drudge has been trumpeting an Obama video to air on Fox News tonight that would change the face of the election. Turns out, it's a five year old video of a speech that's been online the whole time.

Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski and Jessica Testa were able to figure out the video Drudge has been SIREN.GIFing all Tuesday afternoon was a speech Obama did at Virginia's Hampton University when he was still an Illinois Senator. "THE ACCENT... THE ANGER... THE ACCUSATIONS..." Drudge teases. In reality, from what we can see here, there isn't that much to be outraged about. He talks about race in a general sense, but there's nothing inflammatory. He talks about the problem of the high numbers of incarcerated black men. He says the safety efforts in New Orleans after Katrina weren't racist, they were "colorblind in their incompetence." He uses a different cadence than he does when speaking now, so, sure, his accent is different. We'll give Drudge that. 

This video has been edited, so that's something to consider. Drudge says at one point he shouts out to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was apparently in the audience, but that's not in this video. Reuters' Anthony De Rosa found the part of the speech that contains the Wright shout out. 

Back in 2008, Politico named it one of their top 10 gaffes of the campaign. "The comments seems tailor-made for an attack ad," they wrote. 

Recommended Reading

The Chicago Sun-Times has the complete transcript of the speech as it was presented for delivery. Judge for yourself if it's worthy of your outrage. The full version of the video has been pulled from the Internet, and the transcript doesn't have some of the juicier parts Drudge teases. The ad-libbed version is better, he says. Some who have seen the video aren't that impressed, though. The rest of us will have to wait and watch for ourselves. 

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