Don't Worry Orlando, You Still Have Bill Clinton

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President Obama has decided to fly back to Washington today and will have to skip out on a campaign event in Orlando. But fear not, those Orlando Democrats are in Bill Clinton's hands. Remember how good he was at the Democratic National Convention? The Orlando event will be fun, Clintony, and there are millions of people who would trade their current Sandy situations for the 70 degree and sunny forecast Orlando is currently enjoying. And we're sure President Obama wanted to be there too, considering he had time to drop off pizza (right, a photo of him at a local campaign field office) last night. Politically, there's the known fact that Florida remains a swing state and early voting started in Florida for this the first time this weekend (and is seeing massive turnouts according to Bloomberg). But the president has a job to do. "Obama press secretary Jay Carney says the president is returning to the capital Monday to, quote, 'monitor the preparations for and early response' to the hurricane." reported the AP. Obama's next scheduled event is an event in Green Bay, Wisconsin Tuesday. 


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