Diversity Roundup: Experts Say Presidential Debate Failed to Address Hispanic Voters

Debate Didn't Address Hispanic Voters: Experts agree that neither President Obama nor his Republican challenger Mitt Romney specifically addressed the Hispanic voting bloc in last night's debates, the El Paso Times reports. Experts interviewed say that neither candidate addressed specific Hispanic concerns, even when it came to discussing general policy questions.

White Students Disciplined for Hazing Black Teammate With Noose: A high school in Wynne, Ark., is under fire after several white students on the junior-varsity football team allegedly hazed one black student by putting nooses around his neck, The Grio reports.

Illegal-Immigrant Bid to Receive Law License Raises Many Questions: An illegal immigrant's quest in Florida to receive his law license raises several complex issues for the state's Supreme Court as it debates whether he is eligible despite his immigration status, USA Today reports. Judges say Jose Godinez-Samperio could possibly qualify under President Obama's deferred-action program, but whether or not Godinez-Samperio qualifies will depend on several factors, including who is in the White House next year.

Majority of Latinos Support Same-Sex Marriage: A majority of Latinos, 60 percent, now support same-sex marriage, according to a poll reported on by The New Civil Rights Movement. In contrast, a full 31 percent of Latinos say they feel strongly against gay marriage, indicating that there is still substantial resistance to the idea among the typically socially conservative demographic.