Diversity Roundup: Civil-Rights Advocates Simmering After Presidential Debate

Civil-Rights Advocates Still Simmering After Presidential Debate. Immigrant and civil-rights advocates are "astonished" that Wednesday's presidential debates did not focus on any Latino, immigration, or women's issues, The Huffington Post reports. While the debate covered general policies, advocates say they were shocked that neither candidate addressed specifics that would be of interest to the constituents they are still trying to win--namely, women and Latinos.

Where Are All the Latino Voters? More than 25 percent of eligible voters in California, Texas, and New Mexico are Latinos according to an interactive map as reported on by ABC News/Univision. The map, produced by the Pew Hispanic Center, takes a look at Latinos as a percentage of the eligible-voter population by state.

L.A. to Stop Reporting Illegal Immigrants Arrested for Minor Crimes. Los Angeles law enforcement will no longer report to federal officials illegal immigrants who are arrested for minor crimes, The New York Times reports. The announcement, made by Police Chief Charlie Beck, comes after the federal program Secure Communities was enacted in 2008 requiring local law enforcement to share fingerprints of those they arrest with federal officials. The program, Beck said, has eroded the relationship between the police department and the city's communities.

NYC Program to Help Minority Youth Served 4,000 in First Year. A three-year, $127 million initiative in New York City to lower poverty, crime, and unemployment rates among black and Latino youths served almost 4,000 young people in its first year, NBC New York reports. The Young Men's Initiative, funded in part by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, includes launching several programs aimed at issues affecting lower-income youths, such as education for juvenile offenders, training for young fathers, and planning high schools that emphasize helping such teens succeed.

Group Alleges USDA Diversity Training Included "˜Immigrants' Chant. A diversity training session for the Agriculture Department allegedly included an exercise that required employees to chant, "Our forefathers were illegal immigrants," Fox News reported, based on claims made by a conservative group. The group allege that the sessions were politically motivated rather than focused on promoting tolerance and diversity.