Did Obama Just Diss Michele Bachmann?

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President Obama made an unscheduled stop in Cleveland on Friday to lob an unscheduled insult at Michele Bachmann. Maybe.

According to White House pool report, Obama was at the Cleveland West Side Market, which is a giant collection of food vendors under one old, cool roof. His first stop was at Michelle's Bakery, and he said that it was no accident: he's been married for 20 years to a woman named Michelle. "It is no coincidence that I’m stopping at Michelle’s Bakery," Obama told the two ladies at the counter. "I just want to point that out. And she spells it the right way, with two Ls. That’s the correct way."

Oh, really? What could Obama mean by the "right way" with "two Ls"? Surely he doesn't know many three-L'd Michellles. He must mean that one-L'd Micheles are doing it wrong. And which one-L'd Michele's would he know? How about a woman who spent seven months running for president and attacking him every single day? 

Mr. President, we may have to hold you in contempt of this West Side Market shopper's T-shirt:

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