I believe that some of my Atlantic colleagues will be weighing in with real-time color commentary on the debate. I look forward to seeing what they say -- about two hours from now.

As a scientific experiment, or something, I'm just going to watch the session straight, as in Ye Olden Days if they had C-SPAN back then. I'll stay off Twitter feeds or live blogs or The Entire Internet, as if I were blocking out knowledge of Olympic results from London -- and turn off the TV as soon as the candidates are done. Then I'll try to file a "here's how it seemed to me" dispatch without checking everyone else's notes. 

And then I'll check to see what I got wrong.

I am viewing this from Houston, where I have arrived for a big China event tomorrow night with the Center for Houston's Future. I appear to be the only person at the Houston convention-center Hilton who is not part of the 10,000-strong (actual number, not "zillions"-style estimate) contingent for the World Starbuck's Conference that begins here tomorrow. I will hope for good coffee in the morning.

Let the games begin.
* Update: No C-SPAN in the hotel, so going with CNN. Impressively, hotel lobby has Fox on one big screen, and MSNBC on another. FWIW.

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