Clinton, Sandoval Pop Up In Nevada Senate Ads

The battle of the surrogates has begun in the tight Nevada Senate race, as both candidates push to energize their bases and woo independent voters.

Democratic Rep. Shelley Berkley is getting extended mileage out of a visit Bill Clinton made to Las Vegas last week. Her latest television ad features clips of the former president praising her at a campaign event for President Obama.

"It's a clear choice," Clinton says in the ad. After making the case that Democratic policies will lead to progress, Clinton says he will "stand with Shelley Berkley."

Republican Sen. Dean Heller's latest ad features a high-profile surrogate of his own. Gov. Brian Sandoval makes a personal pitch for Heller, looking directly into the camera and praising his character and trustworthiness. Sandoval's emphasis on trust draws an unstated contrast to the ethics cloud hanging over Berkley, who is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for not disclosing her husband's position at a kidney-transplant center she intervened to save.