Buzzfeed Invites Campaigns to Trash Each Other in Ohio

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If it wasn't already obvious that things are heating up in Ohio, well, this will certainly convince you. Buzzfeed's Zeke Miller had the brilliant idea of asking each campaign to annotate their opponents voting memo distributed in the Buckeye state. The Republican National Committee agreed to play along and annotate the Democrats' memo, while a "well-informed Democratic operative" agreed to take on the Republicans' memo. Neither side held back. This could have failed if either side tried to be reserved with their annotations, but thankfully that's not their style. 

We can't help but think this may have been inspired by the editorial board of UC-Berkeley’s Daily Californian. After they worked to prepare a joint issue with the Stanford Daily for the schools' annual football game, the editors from the Daily Californian copy-edited the entire front page of Stanford's section of the paper. They were ruthless

We encourage you to check out the Democrats and Republicans annotating jobs over at Buzzfeed. Decide for yourself who did the better job. We're particularly fond of the Democratic operative's use of shading to signify importance. It should be noted, though, that the Republicans have better penmanship. 

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