Bronco Bamma Girl, There's Nothing to Cry About

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Oh sure, little Abby sure is cute, with her red hair and red nose, when she cries that she's "tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney." The four-year-old has been joined by a surprisingly large number of reporters who decided to make their living writing about politics but can't stop complaining that the election sucks. And they are totally and completely wrong. The YouTube clip of crying Abby was being tweeted Wednesday morning as the perfect distillation of how tired voters feel after all the negative ads and stump speech zingers during the presidential election. We'll cut a toddler some slack. But what else should we do, grownups who take their cues from babies? Pick our governments by killing each other in the streets? A bunch of negative ads supporting your local broadcasting economy seems like a quite pleasant alternative to the French Revolution. The election is being fought over big, important problems, and people have very different ideas about how to fix them. If all citizens officially agreed on all of them, we wouldn't be living in a utopia, we'd be living in North Korea. Cheer up, Abby. It could be worse.

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