Battleground Poll Looks Good for Obama

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As we enter the final week of the campaign (and Sandy's immediate dangers subside), the focus turns back to the swing states and few remaining polls that still matter. The latest New York Times/CBS/ Quinnipiac University poll of three of the biggest swing states—Florida, Virginia, and Ohio—shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney in all three. Obama leads in the first two by just one point, but in Ohio, his lead is five points. The poll also suggest that the numbers won't change much between now and Tuesday. Only five percent of likely voters say they have yet to make up their mind.

There's still plenty of arguments about how accurate any of these polls are (or whether complaining about the polls is itself a misdirection), but everyone does seem to agree that these states are the key and there's going to be a lot of fighting for every single vote in the final days of the campaign. 

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