Ann Romney To Co-Host Good Morning America

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Ann Romney will be filling in for Good Morning America cohost Robin Roberts next week, it was announced today. Doling out mom-friendly morning show fluff seems like a job Romney is ideally suited for, having yelled in her Republican National Convention speech, "I love women!" The Hollywood Reporter's Marisa Guthrie and Michael O'Connell report that Romney will co-host October 10, and that ABC is talking with Michelle Obama about a fill-in gig as well. But while Obama has in the past struggled with the very traditional role of being first lady, Romney is really into traditional woman stuff. Her daughter-in-law Laurie Romney, who's married to Matt Romney, said at a Women for Mitt event in August that Romney taught her "to cook and...  even more importantly than that, she taught me to be a really good support to Matt and to not, to not always weigh him down with all the, you know, all the little hard things during the day but to be positive." Sounds like GMA to us: no hard things, all positivity. 

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