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When conservative commentators saw President Obama's campaign site was selling a flag with his "O" symbol subbed in for the stars, they saw blood. Literally! The streaky red paint stripes reminded blogger Saving the Republic of streaks of blood at the American consulate in Benghazi, where U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed. Twitter user @ChicGrl427, who calls herself Miss Golightly, combined the Obama flag with a still from CNN footage of handprints the consulate's walls. The image got picked up by Twitchy, the Twitter news site started by Michelle Malkin, who tweeted the image overnight. And now, of course, it's all over.

The theme, apparently, is that the president is so vain, and has such little respect for America, that he would alter the flag with his logo. "Not only does it make me sick to my stomach, but it makes me angry as it reminds of what a narcissistic president we have in the White House, that his campaign would sully the American flag with his logo and messiah complex," The Right Scoop says. "Twitchy told you earlier tonight about the Obama campaign’s vulgar American flag makeover — now selling for $35," Twitchy said, calling the mashup "trenchant." Some think the campaign made the stipes look like the streaks on purpose.

Surely the best, most tasteful way to honor Stevens's sacrifice while serving his country is tweeting this image.

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