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Has your criticism with this election season's crop of infographics been that they have involved too few balloons? The Guardian has you covered. They unveiled a site today, in two bipartisan flavors of Is Barack Obama the President? and Is Mitt Romney the President?, that uses Real Clear Politics state polling data to show which candidate is leading in the electoral count (Obama is well over the 270 it takes to win right now.) 

It's actually pretty handy: Each balloon size corresponds to the number of electoral votes a state has, which allows you to see that most of the states that Romney will waltz to victory do not have very big populations and thus not very many electoral votes. His biggest balloon is Texas, which has 38 electoral votes.

Also noteworthy: the two candidates are fighting over just three three meager balloons right now, which represent tossup states, or states where RCP's polling average shows a margin of less than 3 percent. It's not all bad news for Romney: Florida and its 29 electoral votes may be in Obama's hands right now, but he's leading by just 3.1 percent. A tiny 0.1 percentage point change and it goes back into the tossup category.

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