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Mitt Romney raised $86.6 million in August, according to newly released financial disclosure forms, which is less than the $100 million raised in both June and July, when he was outraising Barack Obama. Obama's August report hasn't been released yet.

According to Romney's August forms, he spent $66.4 million and had $15 million in debt, meaning his total cash on hand at the start of September was $50.4 million. $20 million of the money Romney raised was a loan, The Washington Post's Aaron Blake points out. According to a Politico story on September 3, the campaign told its bundlers that it had raised $100 million in August.

The pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future also spent a lot: $21.2 million. It raised $7 million, giving it $6.3 million cash on hand. The Los Angeles Times' Melanie Mason points out that pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA says it's raised $10 million, and if true, it raised more than Restore Our Future for the first time.

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