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The rehabilitation of Todd Akin has been steadily moving along this week. One of the leaders of the renewed interest in Akin, Sen. Jim DeMint, is one of four prominent Republicans hosting a lunch for the Missouri Senate candidate in Washington this week. 

Politico got their hands on an invitation for the $2,500 suggested donation fundraiser for Akin with 'honorary hosts' DeMint, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Jim Inhofe and Sen. Tom Coburn. The four are throwing Akin a luncheon in Washington to help fundraise for his campaign. 

Money's been hard for Akin to come by since the Republican party distanced themselves after his "legitimate rape" comments. The National Republican Senatorial Committee originally said it wouldn't contribute to Akin's campaign, but have since indicated they could pitch in. DeMint has mulled over the idea of sending Akin money from his PAC, but this is almost a better move for him. He gets to financially support Akin his race against Claire McCaskill but without officially putting his name on the check.

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