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Just days after criticizing Elizabeth Warren for mud-slinging, Senator Scott Brown's reelection campaign is reportedly pushing a video from a conservative radio show host who tricked Elizabeth Warren into signing a Native American cookbook. The joke that The Howie Carr Show, a Boston-area conservative radio show, wants to make is that they pulled a fast one on Warren by making her sign Pow Wow Chow (gosh, that title) in which Warren identified herself as Cherokee and submitted possibly plagiarized recipes. The video itself is sort-of silly (har har, you might be dumb, you didn't check what you were autographing), and the Carr Show is a bit mean (they enjoy calling her "blue eyed squaw"). But it all hinges on the controversy of Warren's Native American heritage, whether it exists and whether it did or didn't get her advantages--an issue that has been raised in the Massachusetts Senate race. And now the silly shaky video (below) is part of the campaign narrative. As Buzzfeed's Rosie Gray reports, Scott Brown's campaign is circulating the video--not the most mature of moves. But then again, this is the same campaign that launched the "Real Elizabeth Warren" website on the eve of her speech at the Democratic National Convention with an entire "Fake Indian" section. On that same day, Brown's campaign issued a press release criticizing "all the mudslinging Elizabeth Warren and her allies have been doing."

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