Paul Ryan Only Needs Three Weeks Notice to Run a Marathon

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When Paul Ryan said he ran a sub-three hour mile, his bluff was called. Turns out runners are dedicated people who take their times to heart, and Ryan's time was closer to four hours. Now, his brother is claiming it only took him three weeks to train for it. 

From this New York Times story, about how Paul Ryan is coping with the constant fact-checking that comes with being on a Presidential ticket, comes the claim from his brother Tobin that our dearest Paul trained for his masterful marathon on, "a whim."

Tobin Ryan said the race, which Paul ran in 1990 as a college student with the third Ryan brother, Stan, was so long ago it was easy to forget the exact time. “I think they trained for three weeks,” he said. “They ran it on a whim.”

A whim, he says. Now, we aren't claiming to know anything about running. Ryan told Hugh Hewitt he was, "a distance runner and a soccer player." Those are sports that require a lot of conditioning. Soccer players have great stamina. No one is denying that, but, still, three weeks seems like an awfully short amount of time to train for a marathon. Even to the uninitiated.

But Runner's World knows a thing or two about running. After all, they were the ones who fact-checked his marathon claim. All of their marathon training programs are 16 weeks long. Upon further investigation, 16 weeks seems to be the standard. Runner's World, you've got this, right? 

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