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Todd Akin's campaign for Senate's TV ads are not running due to a lack of funds, and his "legitimate rape" bungle has made him so unliked that even Karl Rove is cracking jokes about murdering him. But he's still in it win it, telling reporters that he's staying in the race: “I’m not getting out. I’m making that very clear. … I’ve tried to say it about five times.” The Missouri Congressman wants to make it clear that sticking with this tough Senate bid is his choice, and it's not up to the GOP leaders (including Mitt Romney). Akin was quoted as saying in a Politico in a report today that Missouri voters (he didn't specify how many) have apparently told him something to this effect: "We’ve already voted. The party bosses want to put anyone else in. Don’t you give up; you stay in there and you fight." Usually when people love politicians and want them to fight the man, or party bosses or whatever, they usually prove it in the form of money--that doesn't seem to be happening with Akin. We mentioned last week that the Akin campaign couldn't muster up enough cash to pay for commercials. "KOMU-TV in Columbia says it received half of the payment for an ad buy, and when it didn’t get the other half, it cancelled the rest of the ads," a CBS affiliate said. At the time the Akin team said that was not true and that everyone was lying about not being paid and that they totally have enough money. Today, well it's a little different story, as Akin assured reporters that he believes once the September 25 dropout deadline passes money will begin flowing into his race to defeat Claire McCaskill.

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