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Now that President Obama has commented on the Great Nicki Minaj Presidential Endorsement Debate, the rapper herself has clarified: She is not voting for Mitt Romney. Last week, some news sites turned her lyrics on on a Lil Wayne mixtape -- "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy bitches are fucking up the economy" --  into an "endorsement" for Romney. And though we tried to explain that Minaj has rapped about other things that aren't real like eating brains, not paying rent, and having billion dollar credit, the rapper remained silent about the "endorsement" until today when President Obama explained to the American public not to take hip-hop or Minaj so literally. Here's Minaj's confirmation that she's not on the Team Romney-Ryan bandwagon: 

Minaj will also now be able to tell her grandchildren that she was the reason that the first black president of the United States dropped knowledge on "bitches": 

There's no word yet if NASA has accepted Minaj's "Starships" as an endorsement of the American space program. 

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