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If you really believe Nicki Minaj is going to vote for Mitt Romney based on a lyric, then you might also be inclined to also believe she's a gold-toothed brain-eating monster with billion dollar credit.  Here's Minaj's lyric which was featured on Lil Wayne's new mixtape that was released over the weekend.

I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy bitches is f*cking up the economy.

And here's the actual audio:

It's a pretty sexy/shocking lyric (we get it)--that the face of female hip-hop would vote for a guy who's getting zero percent of the African American vote. But, it's just a lyric right? Though we now have headlines like the Huffington Post's "Nicki Minaj & Romney? Rapper Appears To Endorse Republican In New Song" along with tweets of utter befuddlement, like former Atlantic blogger and now Daily Beaster Megan McArdle: 

Wait, seriously guys? First off, lyrics of any sort in any genre are soaked in hyperbole. Did we really think Natalia Imbruglia was literally bissected when she sang "Torn?" And that goes double for Minaj, who has rapped about eating brains with her gold teeth, not paying rent despite having billion-dollar credit, starships, or having a flow so sick that she needs a healer. Last we checked she is not a cannibal (or a zombie) or needed a physician from being so good at rapping, and she's only worth about $12 million and has a home in Hollywood (if she weren't paying some sort of rent, she'd be evicted right?).

If you still aren't convinced, then (sigh) Minaj also likes to play around with different personas (including Nicki Minaj) when she raps, including a boy named Roman Zolanski, a girly Harajuku Barbie, and a head-scarf wearing Nicki Teresa--meaning, if you're really really taking her seriously, it's a total crapshoot which one will show up to the voting booth. 

And finally, guys, she totally believes in health care for everyone

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