Mayor of Trenton Arrested in Federal Corruption Probe

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The Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey was arrested along with seven other people as the FBI prepares to unleash formal charges following a months-long corruption investigation. The suspects were taken into custody early on Monday morning, but the formal indictments will not be revealed until later today. 

Mayor Tony Mack only took office a little over two years ago, but has faced nothing but trouble since assuming office. Allegations of cronyism and corruption began almost from the start of his term in July 2010, and several members of his staff have been arrested on various charges, including his chief of staff who was caught trying to buy heroin. He survived a recall election after his first year in office, but the FBI raided his home in July during the ongoing investigation. Mack's first city business administrator quit after just one month, accusing the mayor of not believing in "good government" while another employee sued, saying she was fired for refusing to give jobs to the mayor's friends.

While authorities have withheld the actual charges so far, they are likely to focus on his campaign fundraising, which has raised questions given that Mack's home faced foreclosure and one of his biggest donors (who was among those arrested) is a convicted sex offender. 

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