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When Paul Ryan introduced himself to the electorate at the Republican National Convention last week one thing was missing: A jocular Secret Service nickname. But Marc Ambinder filled in that gap, reporting in GQ on Tuesday that the candidate's chosen monicker is Bowhunter, after his favorite sport of bowhunting. His wife Janna is going with Buttercup. As Ambinder points out, Ryan's pick is unique because he's going with a hobby rather than something that kind of describes himself or his background (Obama's is Renegade, George W. Bush's was Trailblazer and Romney's is Javelin, after the muscle car his father's company once made). But Ryan's not the only one to choose a name apparently based on his interests. Former secretary of state James Baker went with Fencing Master, and Gerald Ford's press secretary, Ron Nessen was known as Clam Chowder.

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