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When the U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was killed by protesters last week, conservative pundits took the opportunity to condemn Obama's attempts to encourage Muslim nations to embrace democratic change. But Jon Stewart reminded them last night on The Daily Show: In the end of the Bush era, they promoted the exact same democracy-promoting policies they're now decrying. 

Sarah Palin, for example, questioned whether America could "spill our blood and treasure trying to 'promote democracy' in places that do not have any values for civilized society." But in 2008, Palin said the U.S.'s role was help burgeoning democracies. And Sean Hannity was worse, condemning Obama's choices in promoting democracy last week when just a few years earlier, he predicted George W. Bush would be remembered as a visionary for his democracy promotion. 

"What's the name of that show?" Stewart joked. "Hannity & Takes the Opposite Position When It's Convenient, Slightly Younger Hannity? That's a great show."


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