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Mitt Romney might have made things too easy for Jon Stewart with the video where he says the 47 percent of Americans who pay no income tax will vote for Obama. Last night on The Daily Show, Stewart went after "The Millionaire Gaffemaker."

Right as the Romney campaign was set to "reboot"—you know, three weeks after they introduced him to the nation at the Republican National Convention—the video from the May fundraiser was released showing Romney talking about poor people "in a manner you imagine cartoon rich people talk about cartoon poor people," Stewart said. So who is that 47 percent?

Well, two-thirds of them pay the payroll tax, which means "they working, they just ain't working hard enough." And the other part of that 47 percent is people making less than $20,000 than a year and the elderly. Stewart jokes: "Mr. Romney knows them as personal responsibility shirking unconvincables. You may know them as the greatest generation...or Nana."


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