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Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart dug into how the "Romney campaign headquarters" at Fox has covered Mitt Romney's really bad 47-percent gaffe. Four words: "Chaos on Bulls**t Mountain." 

Fox reminded viewers that Mother Jones magazine posted the video, a publication that they claimed no one reads, and that Jimmy Carter's grandson had a hand in it. "Well, yeah, he said it, but you only found out about it 'cause of people we don't like," said Stewart.

And then Fox News went on to say Romney was misinterpreted, meaning "you're looking and hearing the cynical, condescending, plutocratic words he was saying, not the aspirational, optimistic message he--in retrospect--should have been meaning," Stewart said. "It's like Romney Jazz. It's the words you don't hear. It's really in-artful words from a dubious source."


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