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James O'Keefe III is feeling some righteous indignation over... well, it's not clear what, exactly. The chief complaint seems to be that there is hidden camera footage in the news, and it isn't his. After watching the press freak out over a hidden camera video showing Mitt Romney saying 47 percent of Americans "who believe that they are victims," O'Keefe, the creator of those selectively edited ACORN videos in which he dressed in a cartoonish pimp outfit, is angry that the press was so mean to him when he releases his own hidden-camera creations. "These are the rules you've created, journalists. Abide by them. You've made your bed. Sleep it it. Own your hypocrisy," he tweeted on Wednesday. He also linked to a article outraged that there are two missing minutes between the two segments of the video released by Mother Jones video. The author of that post, John Nolte, suspects "the missing minutes are mitigating." For that to be true, Romney would have to say in the lost footage something like, "Just kidding you guys." And Romney appeared to endorse the tapes validity when he held a press conference, then gave a Fox News interview, standing by the statements. 

In any event, O'Keefe can't be upset about alleged editing, because he did selectively edit his videos. But he's not mad that Mother Jones is getting credit for a big hidden-video political scoop. He told Yahoo News that while the magazine is taking "a page out of the Breitbart playbook," that's OK. "It's an effective tactic that has a place in a democracy to expose the truth, to expose circumstances truth behind closed doors and what people honestly believe or are saying to their friends, their surrogates," he said. "I don't have any problem with reporters using these tactics. Using hidden cameras, using pretenses."

O'Keefe's big complaint is that reporters were nicer to Mother Jones than they were to him. "I think that there's definitely been a double standard amongst professional journalists here because they've been pretty much raking Project Veritas over the coals for about three years," O'Keefe told Yahoo News. If only Mother Jones' David Corn had dressed like a pimp.

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